Guided Fishing / E-Bike Tours /  Hiking Tours / Photography & Nature River Tours / Wildlife Viewing and more

Guided Sturgeon Fishing
$175pp & up

Our B&B and Chilliwack Fishing Lodge on the Fraser River is perfectly situated in the middle of the best fishing grounds on the Fraser River. Salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and more abound. Don’t let the big one get away!

4 Hour Introductory to Sturgeon Fishing  2 People-$600       3 People-$650       4 People-$700

                   8 Hour Guided Sturgeon Fishing       2 People-$850      3 People-$900      4 People-$1000

Not included, but available through lodge:           Fishing Licenses- $35pp           Lunch- $25pp

All prices subject to 5% tax.

Click here to learn more about our fishing packages, or to get a quote for a multi-day or large group all-inclusive trip including accommodations.  


E-Bike Guided Scenic Tour

Just like riding a bike, but even more fun! Our E-bikes feature motors that give you a boost to enable you to ride faster and farther with less effort. These bikes are the perfect way to explore the trails, rivers and wilderness surrounding The Fraser River’s Edge B&B in Chilliwack. 

The Guided Tour includes vehicle transportation to our jump-off point near a section of the Trans-Canada Trail.

Your guided scenic bike tour will take you along a gorgeous mountain river surrounded by forests and mountains.  Visit a Blue Heron sanctuary, watch local fisherman angle for Salmon, breathe in fresh country air, and let your spirit soar!

With an E-bike, anyone can join!  As long as you have reasonable conditioning and coordination, this ride will be an easy and enjoyable excursion for you.  Someone from the lodge will be your guide, so don’t worry about getting lost, you are in good hands and your guide with local knowledge will be there to show you the way.

Tour duration: 3-4 hours

Price: $125 per person, minimum 2 people.

Add a riverside picnic lunch for $25pp!

Hosted Hiking Tours
$75pp & up

We are at the center of fantastic hiking! Chilliwack is surrounded by jaw-dropping mountains, lakes, rivers and forest. It’s also home to some of the best running, mountain biking and hiking trails in British Columbia. Whatever your level, you can be assured that Chilliwack has it. Visit the Chilliwack Hiking Club for more information. 

Our hosted trips include:  Transportation to and from the hike, a local guide, and your choice of a 3-8 hour hike.  Your guide is trained in first aid, will carry emergency supplies, bear spray and a satellite emergency locator.

Tea Pot Hill

Great family hike, try to find the tea pots hidden in the forest, finish with a great view!  Moderate uphill walk.

Duration: 2 hour hike + 45 minute round trip driving time.

Includes: Host/Guide and Vehicle transportation.

Hiking Distance: 4.8km, there and back.

Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

2 people- $150
3 people- $190
4 people- $230

Lindeman Lake

Enjoy a hosted scenic one hour drive up the Chilliwack River valley with sightseeing stops along the way.  Once there, a vigorous uphill hike will take you to the gorgeous alpine Lindeman Lake.

Duration: 2.5 hour hike + 2 hour round trip driving.

Includes: Host/Guide and Vehicle transportation.

Hiking Distance: 3.4km, there and back.

Difficulty: Intermediate

2 people- $300
3 people- $400
4 people- $500

Mount Cheam

Enjoy a hosted scenic 1.5 hour drive up the Chilliwack River valley, and then a rugged 4 wheel drive off-road trip to the jump-off point for your hike up Mount Cheam.  The hike takes you through high alpine meadows, along jaw-dropping ridges, and finishing at the summit of Mount Cheam.

Duration: 5 hour hike + 3 hour round trip driving time including 1.5 hours of rugged off-road adventure.

Includes: Host/Guide and Vehicle transportation.

Hiking Distance: 9.5km, there and back.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

2 people- $500
3 people- $650
4 people- $800
Advance booking required.
Please bring proper hiking shoes, layered clothing, water, snacks/food, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat.

Eagle & Salmon Migration
Harrison River Boat Tour

Enjoy these tours from September to November.  View the majestic landscapes and wildlife surrounding us, while we take you by boat up the Fraser River to the Harrison River Watershed.  A photographers dream! 

View stunning scenery while witnessing the annual salmon migration on the clear river bottom.  Witness the circle of life as spawning salmon reach their grounds, spawn, and eventually die.  Watch 100’s of eagles and other wildlife as they take part in the “Great Feed”.

Your guide and host will provide an intimate and breathtaking view of the natural wonders, native history, and wildlife that abounds in our area.

4 Hour River Boat Tour

2 People-$600       3 People-$650       4 People-$700

Add a shoreside salmon barbecue lunch and campfire (weather permitting) in a setting you won’t soon forget!  $50pp


Wildlife Viewing- FREE!

You will not be disappointed with the abundance of wildlife at our B&B. We sit right in the middle of a major Eagle breeding area and regularly watch dozens of Eagles soar right in front of the lodge.

Blue Heron, Trumpeter Swans, Owls, Hummingbirds, Hawks and Stellar Jays are all readily viewed. We also have deer who frequent the property almost on a daily basis. Also sighted on property are local black bears.  We are ten minutes away from a major Blue Heron Habitat and Reserve.


River Rafting and Kayaking

For a thrill-filled day, try river rafting at one of two great companies. Raft the Thompson and Fraser with Kumsheen Rafting. For closer rafting try Hyak right here in Chilliwack.

Golf Packages

Golf Packages can be arranged to include your stay at our Chilliwack B&B along with golfing at The Falls, SandPiper, Ledgeview and The Chilliwack Golf and Country Club. Located just 10 minutes away, we can accommodate two foursomes.

Hell’s Gate and Othello Tunnels

A great day trip! A 40-minute drive gets you to the historical Othello Tunnels in Hope, then continue another 40 minutes up the scenic Fraser Canyon through Yale on to Hell’s Gate.


Just 20 minutes away, you have a choice of two awesome waterparks: Bridal Falls and Cultus Lake.

Minter Gardens and Bridal Falls

Nestled against 7000 foot Mt. Cheam is one of the most spectacular show gardens in the world! Twelve themed gardens are designed to dazzle the senses with massive displays of artistic floral designs. A wonderful gathering of gardens so spectacular you will want to linger as you take in all the different sights, sounds and fragrances. Learn more about Minter Gardens here.

Local Wineries

The Fraser Valley is home to 12 wineries. Click here to visit the Wines of Canada website for a list of wineries and current tasting room hours.

Chilliwack Heritage Park

Chilliwack Heritage Park is a 65-acre park that boasts a 150,000 square foot building. It can accommodate a number of events from trade shows and conventions to agriculture and equestrian events and more! There is a seven-acre field for outdoor concerts and festivals as well as camping. A 5/8 mile race track and a rodeo arena play host to chuckwagon and chariot racing and rodeos.

Friends and Affiliates

Chilliwack Dart & Tackle is located conveniently downtown Chilliwack and is the closest tackle store to the lodge. Enjoy an extensive selection of both fishing and hunting products. Guests staying at the Lodge are given special pricing, please inquire.

For our numerous German Clients. Kann die Wahl der Unterkunft tatsächlich entscheidend sein für das persönliche Urlaubs­erlebnis in Nord­amerika? Viele träumen von der Blockhüt­te am See. Nun, der Traum ist er­füllbar. Entscheiden Sie selbst, welcher Grad an Wildnis und Abge­schie­den­heit Sie anspricht. Soll es eher eine kleine Lodge mit mehreren Cabins sein, die einsam liegt, aber dennoch den Kon­takt zu Gastgebern und anderen Gäs­ten ermöglicht? Oder steht Ihnen der Sinn nach der völlig einsamen Block­hütte am See, die nur mit dem Was­ser­flug­zeug zu erreichen ist? Click here for more info.

The Berry’s understand that what their customers expect is service, selection, knowledgeable staff and good prices. People often come in to the shop with their tackle boxes already brimming, seeking advice from Berry’s expert staff. Many times a budding fisherman is sent off to the fishin’ hole with just the items he already had in his box, and with a clear idea of how to use them to make that prized catch. Berry’s Bait & Tackle has built a reputation on top-notch customer service first and foremost. We won’t try to sell you something just to make a sale! Our staff are expert fishers themselves who are committed to promoting the enjoyment of fishing to everyone. Berry’s customers can be confident with the advice they are given, from choosing the right tackle, to pointing them in the right direction for fishing success. Click here to visit their site.


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