Five Ways a Weekend Getaway at Our Chilliwack B&B Can Benefit Your Health

Have you spent the last year daydreaming about taking a vacation? Travel is one of the things we all missed most during the pandemic, but we are thrilled to announce that we are re-opening on May 21 and eagerly looking forward to again be offering Canadian guests a fantastic and safe option for weekend getaways at our Chilliwack B&B. You can learn more about our COVID-19 policies here.

Did you know that booking a weekend getaway at our Chilliwack B&B can actually benefit your health? Taking some time for yourself for just a few days can have remarkable effects, and whether you take advantage of one of our special promotions, plan a hiking trip or just want to relax on our beautiful grounds at the Fraser River, you can reap these benefits and more.

Boost Mental Health

After the last year of pandemic stress, most of us could use a mental break. Getting away for a weekend means escaping stress, turning off the news and (gasp!) perhaps even shutting down social media. All of this is good for your mental health. Our comfortable amenities include everything you need to relax and unwind, including top-of-the-linens, private en suites, outdoor space with incredible views and a 7-person 32-jet hot tub.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Our Chilliwack B&B is situated on three acres of majestic riverfront mountainside rainforest. The property is covered with lush ferns, and overhead you’ll see towering Japanese maples, birch, pine, firs, cedars, cottonwood trees and more. Spending time on our hiking trails, viewing wildlife or simply enjoying the sunset from our large decks can bring a host of benefits. According to multiple studies, spending time in nature can improve your short-term memory, reduce stress, increase levels of vitamin D, improve sleep, strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation. Even a short stay in nature can make you feel rejuvenated, refreshed and more connected to our planet.

Improve Physical Health

People who take vacations, even short weekend getaways, generally have lower risk of heart disease and lower stress levels. Making time for weekend getaways is making your health a priority.

A Time to Disconnect

While all of our accommodations have WiFi access, unplugging for the weekend can have enormous benefits. Disconnecting from social media, email and the news gives your brain a break and allows you to focus on yourself and your needs. There’s so much to do at our Chilliwack B&B without screens, including hiking, jet boat tours, wildlife viewing, photography tours, E-bike rentals and more. You’ll be so busy having fun you won’t even think about your newsfeed!

Good for Your Financial Health

We know that cost is a significant factor when vacation planning. Worrying about how you are going to pay for a trip adds so much stress to the process, which is exactly the opposite of how you should be feeling. Take advantage of our Weekend Getaway Accommodation special to receive 10% off our posted rates at our Chilliwack B&B. Click here for details and a promo code, and book your stay today to get all these benefits and more. You deserve it!