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Chilliwack B&B Lodge Owner Mike JonesWell, here goes. I have been instructed to write a blog for our website, not just one I am told, but many. Like every month. This doesn’t strike me as fun, call me old-fashioned, but I really don’t see what anything I say will be of enough interest to get someone to actually visit our website to read it. But in an ever-changing world of social media, SEO, twitter, and facebook, I guess I will just have to suck it up and try to think of something remotely entertaining and informative for you to read.

So here we go, in the words of my fine Mexican friends; El Blogo Numero Uno.

“So hey, What the hell do you guys actually do at that Chilliwack B&B of yours?”

Well, let me tell you about a typical day in the life of a B&B Lodge owner. From the outside it must seem pretty easy. Answer the phone, book people in, have a nap, go fishing for a bit, and then finish the day with a cocktail in the hot tub. That would be nice, but we do actually work quite hard.

Here is a typical day:

5:45 – I get up and enjoy the first part of the day in solitude. Make a coffee, then start the long task of answering emails and providing quotes as most of our overseas business appreciate an early response due to the time difference. I also check the stock market and day-trade if things look ripe.

6:30-7:00 – Adriana gets up and gives me a warm hug, a big kiss, refills my coffee, and tells me how wonderful I am. Then I wake up again and realize it was just a dream. Adriana begins breakfast preparation, and folds some laundry from the night before. We start a fire for the morning breakfast.

8:00- Breakfast time. The guests come down and we chit chat, pour coffees and make them feel at home. I prepare fishing licenses and issue them. Once breakfast hits the table, Adriana finishes preparing bagged lunches for the fisherman. I get ready to head out on the water if I am guiding.

8:30- We kick the kids out of bed, and get them started on their laptops with home schooling.

8:45- Gather the fisherman, load them in to the Kawasaki Mule, and drive them down to our beach for pick-up/departure. Introduce the guide to our guests and bid them a good day. If I am guiding, then I jump on the boat and am gone for the day.

9:00-10:00 Adriana cleans up kitchen, and helps kids with school work. If home, I take payments and check-out guests if needed.

10-11:30 One-on-one home schooling. If I am not guiding, I answer more emails and do some accounting. Okay, I check Facebook.

11:30-1:00 The girl’s strip beds and start laundry. Then clean rooms and prepare for new arrivals. At ten years old, our girls are as good as Adriana and can clean an entire room. Beds, toilets, windows, laundry, they do it all and we are very proud of them. And yes, they get paid!

1:00 – 3:00 This is usually free time but depends largely on when our next arrival is expected. Sometimes we head out on the boat, or go for a bike ride. Other times, I have outdoor chores and maintenance to do. Something is always broken and there is always a stack of laundry or some cleaning to do.

4:00 – 5:00 Meet and greet new guests, provide orientation and tour of the lodge. Take breakfast orders, give them local maps, get license information, and make them feel at home.

5:00 Head down and pick up fishing guests from our beach. Talk “fish” on the deck and pretend you really want to have another beer. Everyone forgets we do this everyday, and just because they are on holidays, doesn’t mean we are!

6:00 – 7:00 Prepare dinner for our family and sit down for an always interupted meal. Just part of the job.

7:00 – 11:00 The most important part of the business is the time we spend with our guests in the evening. Maybe we start an outside fire at one of the two firepits, or perhaps we get the guitar and have an inside fire. Most often, we sit on the deck and take in the view, laughing, chatting, and making new friends.

Sometimes we just hide. Reading the guests is the hardest part and some people just want their privacy. Fine with us, movie time in our bedroom with the girls.

11:00 – 12:00 Adriana starts prepping breakfast for the following morning.

Rinse, Wash and Repeat.

Of course this doesn’t happen every day and we are fortunate to enjoy many “free” days throughout our Spring season. Early Spring is totally occupied with maintenance, projects and improvements. But once August rolls around, we are generally fully booked until November, and the day in the life set out above is pretty standard.

The hardest part? You have people in your home 24/7.
The best part? We spend every day as a family, and meet fantastic new friends from around the world.

So there it is, my first blog. Don’t get your hopes up, it may be the last, but I promise I will try. 🙂 Best bet is for you to come and visit our B&B Lodge located in beautiful Chilliwack, British Columbia, and get a taste of it for yourself!


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    Mike, I thought your blog was great ! Lyndel and Cindy

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